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Ahiara Development Union USA Inc, also known as American Global Rescue, originated in 1990 through the collaboration of discerning, inventive, enterprising, resourceful, and compassionate Nigerian students of Igbo descent residing in Houston, Texas, USA. Over time, these individuals evolved into American citizens, equipped with a diverse array of skills and professions acquired from prestigious institutions across the United States. Today, fueled by a profound sense of gratitude for the educational opportunities afforded to them by the United States Government, their collective vision is to extend similar opportunities to less privileged citizens and deserving individuals in Africa.

Our sincerest appreciation is extended to the United States Government for fostering our educational journey on American soil. Equally, we express profound gratitude to the Ahiara Governing Council Directors for their visionary leadership, unwavering perseverance, and kind guidance in steering the organization forward through various challenges.

The foundational pillars of this organization were laid in 1990 by compassionate visionaries - Ezeji Tobias Ogu, Lady Geraldine Orieukwu, Bon Ahuna, and Cletus Onuoha. Despite undergoing substantial structural and functional changes, the organization achieved a significant milestone when it was granted non-profit 501(C)3 tax-exempt status by the US IRS on February 11, 2000. Moreover, our commitment to making a positive impact transcends borders, as evidenced by the establishment of a branch in Africa known as the Ahiara Children Development Foundation (NGO). This extension underscores our dedication to fostering positive change and empowerment on a global scale.

Leadership Snapshot - The Faces Behind Our Mission

Ezeji Tobias Ogu


Sir Cleutus Onuoha


Lady Geraldine Orieukwu


Luke Anyanwu


Steven Anthony


  1. Bon Ahuna

  2. Ezeji Tobias Ogu

  3. Lady Geraldine Orieukwu

  4. Sir Cletus Onuoha

Founders of Ahiara Development Union USA Inc (aka) American Global Rescue,

From Left to right:

Ezeji Tobias Ogu


Sir Cleutus Onuoha


Lady Geraldine Orieukwu

Registered Nurse

Mr. Luke I Anyanwu

Social Worker

Dr Jeff U. Ohanaja

University Professor

Mr Bon Ahuna

Respiratory Nurse


Ezeji Tobias Ogu - CEO

Sir Cleutus Onuoha

Lady Geraldine Orieukwu - Chair

Mr. Luke I Anyanwu

Steven Anthony Njoku

Board Of Directors

Our Executives


1. Luke I. Anyanwu - Executive President

2. Ezeji Tobias G Ogu - Comptroller

3. Mr. Michael M. Ogu - Project Manager

4. Steven Anthony Njoku - Director of Sports

5. Rev. Sr. Ancilla Uchendu - Director of Community Affairs

6. Mr. Chinedu N. Ogu - Executive Director

7. Mr. Augustine E. Anyanwu - Donation Manager

8. Sir Mathias Ngumah - Chief Executive Officer, Africa Operations

9. Adambaise Catherine Achara - Executive Director, Africa Children

10 Lolo Nnuola G. Osuagwu - Secretary General, Africa Operations

11. Philip Nzube Uche-Achara - Youth Executive Director, Africa Operations

12. Dr.(Mrs) Kelechi E. Ogu - Director of Nurses

13. Mrs. Uche Ijeoma Anyanwu - Pharmacist

14. Dr. Stanley Akalawu - Medical Director, Africa Operations

15. Hon. Alexander Ohaegbuchu - Program Outreach, Director, Africa Operations

16. Mr. Abraham Anyanwu - Attorney, Africa Operations

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